Mark Diorio, Deseret News
Mayor Kelvyn H. Cullimore Jr. is mayor of Cottonwood Heights.

COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS — Charges have been filed against a man accused of stealing bank account information from the mayor of Cottonwood Heights.

Shaughn Richard Mari, 30, went to Check City at 7490 S. State on Dec. 26, 2011, and tried to pass a check for $850 from K&L Design, according to charging documents. The clerk began to process the transaction and realized the account number and routing number didn't belong to a business. It turns out, the account belonged to Mayor Kelvyn Cullimore.

Prosecutors say the clerk called Cullimore, who said he had no knowledge of K&L Design or Mari. The clerk then called police.

"I'm not sure exactly how she was able to do that ... and then keep him there another five minutes after she talked to me, in order for the police to arrive,” Cullimore said. “I felt it was an incredibly astute act on the part of the employee."

Cullimore added that at the time, the clerk did not know he was the mayor.

Investigators say Mari was carrying another check belonging to another man. According to the charges, that man said he lost his checkbook at the end of January and closed his account. 

Mari was charged with forgery and possession of a forged check, third-degree felonies, and attempted theft by deception, a class B misdemeanor.

Andrew Adams