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Charles Chase Iorg was charged in the 3rd District Court for allegedly taking his father's card and spending a total of $5,348.52.

SOUTH JORDAN — A 26-year-old man was charged Thursday with using his father's credit card without permission for an expensive night on the town, purchasing limo service, a hotel room, in-room dining and spa services.

Charles Chase Iorg had been staying at his parent's home in South Jordan and "felt like he needed to escape," according to charges filed Thursday in the 3rd District Court. He allegedly took his father's card and spent a total of $5,348.52.

Iorg first called a limo service to pick him up and was driven to the Utah State Liquor Store in Sandy, the charges state. He then had the driver take him to the Apple Store at The Gateway. While there, prosecutors say Iorg took the driver in to the store with him and purchased several items for the driver, including a laptop and headphones.

The last stop was the Grand America Hotel where Iorg allegedly rented a room. The total cost included in-room dining, pay-per-view movies and spa services, the charges state. He returned his father's credit card to the drawer where he found it when he returned to his parents' home, according to prosecutors.

Iorg was charged with unlawful use of a financial transaction card, a second-degree felony, and unlawful acquisition, possession or transfer of a financial transaction card, a third-degree felony.