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A still shot of an instruction video for the Kansas City Temple Cultural Celebration.

Blogging testimony: With a title like “Julie B. Beck on Mormon Bloggers: It’s a Great Opportunity," of course I’m going to get excited and click over. Blogger Kathryn Skaggs has kindly summarized Sister Beck’s latest Mormon Channel interview and isolates for us via video the sections that pertain to bloggers. Here’s a lovely blogging quote from Sister Beck that I just had to isolate: “Where does a blog fit into this? Think about the influence Latter-day Saint women could have if they are articulate. Not just about anything, but they are articulate about the things they stand for, which are encapsulated here (holding up "Daughters in My Kingdom") and in the scriptures. If they can express their faith. If they can express what families mean to them. If they can serve in a way to seek out and help those who are in need of those covenants and ordinances and the blessings of the gospel in a distinct and different and happy way, from the women of the world — those are some principles.” Plus, find out why Abish was like a blogger. Wow! Click to learn more.

Kansas City: I just had to post this video teaser of youths practicing for the Kansas City Temple Cultural Celebration that will accompany the dedication of the Kansas City Temple on the weekend of May 5-6. I love how the youths are being taught dances that are just full of Midwestern heart, including the “Kansas City Kitty” and the “Maple Leaf Rag.” And “heart” is the theme of the cultural celebration, as outlined in the Kansas City Temple Events website that includes even more videos of the dances. Cool!

Family history: Who said family history wasn’t an amazing missionary tool? Not me! And these missionaries in the Florida Jacksonville Mission prove it once again while manning a booth at the St. Augustine Food Festival, where they got not one, not two, but 49 people to sign up for local family history research classes. Awesome!

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