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Robert Voets, CBS Broadcasting
Leif Manson (left), Jonas Otsuji, Christna Cha, Greg Smith, Alicia Rose, Troy Robertson, Kat Edorsson, Michael Jefferson, Kimberly Spradlin, Jay Byars, Chelsea Meissner, Sabrina Thompson and host Jeff Probst as he announces the merge of the two tribes during tribal council, during the sixth episode of "Survivor: One World," on Wednesday, March 21. No one was voted off, as Colton Cumbie had to leave because of a medical emergency.

Utahn Jonas Otsuji is still in the race for the $1 million "Survivor: One World" prize after a few unpredictable days on the island.

Last week, the tribes were re-aligned and Jonas ended up on the new Manono tribe with Colton Cumbie, Greg "Tarzan" Smith, Lief Manson, Alicia Rosa, Monica Culpepper and Christina Cha.

The other seven were on the new Salani tribe, including four women who had an alliance with Rosa. And Cumbie called them "Greek gods" compared to those on the Manono tribe.

Cumbie was clearly the leader of the Manono tribe and they lost their first immunity challenge and had to set up camp on a different beach than where both tribes had been sharing a beach.

And, in a blindside, they voted Culpepper off at tribal council as Cumbie saw her as a strong player and potential threat.

On Wednesday's episode, the Manono tribe lost a coconut throwing reward challenge (along with a reward of ice cream) and threatened to send Cha home until Cumbie had to leave the game because of an abdominal pain that was later diagnosed as acute appendicitis.

But he took the individual immunity idol with him as a souvenier. (Last week, Kim Spradlin found the Salani tribe's immunity idol.)

"If I was him, I would be just heartbroken," Otsuji said when the tribe said goodbye to Cumbie before he was taken off the beach on a stretcher by a medical team.

"Colton leaving is a huge game changer," Otsuji said. "I do believe if there was a karma, Colton got some karma right back at him."

Otsuji saw this as his chance to possibly step up and gain more control over the tribe.

However, there wasn't an immunity challenge and both tribes were summoned to tribal council.

"Leave it to Colton, who even though he had to be medically evacuated, to leave an imprint on the game," host Jeff Probst said.

The tribes were merged on Day 17 of the 39-day challenge.

"You are now one tribe; 12 people fight for a million bucks," Probst said.

"Survivor: One World" airs Wednesdays at 7 p.m. on CBS Ch. 2.

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