Sarah A. Miller, Deseret News
Sheryl White, Abby White, Casey White and Alan White of Salt Lake City walk through Trolley Square, Aug. 21, 2010.
He does not work for a security company as we understand. We don't know what his motive is or where he got the uniform. —Salt Lake police officer Josh Ashdown

SALT LAKE CITY — A man dressed as a security officer was arrested Tuesday after allegedly placing two separate calls to police reporting a bomb at Trolley Square.

The first of two calls was placed from the Smith's Marketplace near 500 East and 400 South and the second came shortly after from a TRAX station, Salt Lake police officer Josh Ashdown said. During the second 911 call, the man claimed a bomb was at the Salt Lake police station.

"We take every single threat 100 percent serious, so the officers are going to respond, they're going to check the location (and) if there are people that need to be evacuated, they'll evacuate," Ashdown said.

In this case, officers went to Trolley Square and the locations where the calls were placed. They did not find any suspicious packages or anything else to confirm the report.

They did arrest a suspect at the TRAX station, Ashdown said. He was wearing what appeared to be a security guard uniform, including a duty belt and shirt labeled "security."

"He does not work for a security company as we understand," Ashdown said. "We don't know what his motive is or where he got the uniform."

The man admitted making the prank calls and said "he did it because it was a rush," a jail report states.

Lonnie Thompson, 36, was booked into the Salt Lake County Jail for investigation of making a false alarm regarding a weapon of mass destruction.  

Emiley Morgan, Shara Park, Twitter: DNewsCrimeTeam