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The doors of the Kansas City Missouri Temple will soon open for an open house.

Papers project: Yesterday I mentioned the teaser the editors of the latest Joseph Smith Papers Project book "Histories, Vol. 1," announced about an upcoming large deposit of historical resources onto the site, and today I am happy it came true. Find 50 documents from 1839, updated reference material, the second volume of the manuscript history and various 1840 documents among other new resources. And to get you excited about the new "Histories, Vol. 1," I noticed four new videos posted to the Mormon Messages YouTube feed, including scholarly testimonies and educational stories from editors Mark Ashurst-McGee, Karen Lynn Davidson, Richard L. Jensen and Dean Jessee. Wow!

New temple: The Kansas City Missouri Temple open house is coming up and if you know of any friends or family in that area, invite them to attend with this easy-to-share video invitation. Plus, click into the Kansas City Temple Chaser, a blogger I have long followed, to share in her excitement that the temple she has watched since the moment she heard about it nears opening its doors. Awesome.

African branch: And speaking of open houses, check out the photos from this branch building’s open house clear on the other side of the world in Porte Ouverte, DR Congo, Africa. As these bloggers describe it: “It's a very good building and our members are happy to meet there and were very excited to show it off to friends, neighbors and community leaders. It was pretty amazing to me how good it looked when they finished. The stand and the pulpit looked like something directly from the US. When it was time to start there were only a couple of people there and they were so sad and worried, just like we all are when we hold an event, but 20 minutes later, they had a full house.” Click to see the photos!

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