In many cases, those who battle mental illness are left to do it alone. They don’t know why they’re feeling depressed or anxious, oftentimes don’t know what to do and, consequently, don’t get the diagnosis and treatment they need — including counseling and maybe even medication. Basically, they don’t get support — and that means suffering in silence.

Such disorders are a real concern. So, on our Mormon Times TV show this Sunday, we’ll focus on a young adult who has struggled with this problem, without really knowing it. She’ll share how social anxiety and depression have plagued her activity in the LDS Church and how she’s now able to move forward with her life after seeking help. We’ll also have psychologist Wendy Ulrich on the show to help us better understand and deal with the issue.

And we take our cameras onto Temple Square to pose the question, “Given the chance, what life advice would you offer your 21-year-old self?” It’s a thought-provoking question, and several of you gave us some great answers you won’t want to miss.

With general conference just around the corner, you may be up for new ways to prepare your minds, hearts and families. Educator and author Anthony Sweat will give some ideas on helping our teenagers — and ourselves — better concentrate while watching the sessions. And you’ll see how you can create some fun family traditions around the upcoming conference weekend.

Plus you’ll love meeting a spunky Canadian great-grandmother who quietly goes about doing good works, while her knitting needles work overtime!

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