is a website that students can use to manage and get help paying off their loans.

With reports of student loan debt surpassing credit card debt, it’s clear that the postgrad burden is hitting pandemic levels in the U.S.

One technology startup is doing its part to help graduates organize and pay off their student loans.

Binksty, an online personal financial manager, is aiming to help with the growing issue, according to Tech Crunch. The site is similar to other financial managers like, but it focuses on helping students manage their loans.

The company announced it has more than $10 million in student loans being managed on its site. Binksty has also partnered with Yodlee, a company that provides users with loan aggregation tools, and Fynanz, which opens up options for competitive private consolidation to students.

Students who sign up get loan aggregation, loan detail, payoff tools and a custom advice engine that outlines repayment options for each loan, Brendon McQueen, Binksty’s chief executive officer, told TechCrunch.

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