Mike Groll, AP
A motorist pumps gas at a Mobile station in Albany, N.Y., on Friday, March 16, 2012. With gas prices rising, there are ways they can save money every time they buy fuel.

With gas prices quickly approaching $4 per gallon in Utah and as a national average, consumers can still find ways to save money at the pump, according to the Miami Herald.

Paying with cash, using a gas station credit card, finding a discount card, buying regular instead of premium, and smartphone apps can all help consumers trim the price at the pump by a few cents, according to the article.

But consumers in general don't take advantage of these potential savings. "They're still filling up with the regular credit card," Ned Bowman, executive director of the Florida Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association, told the Miami Herald, "but now they're not going inside the store so much to buy the doughnut, sandwich or bag of chips. That's how they deal with less disposable income."

The current high cost of gasoline reveals how closely Americans are tied to their vehicles. "The price of gas is so high," Tim Rohde told the Miami Herald as he filled his truck with gasoline. "For a truck it's $50 to $70. Who carries that kind of money on them?" Rohde pays with a credit card, even though he knows cash is cheaper.

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