A bad economy might be hard on consumers' wallets, but it can also be good for their marriages.

A slow economy might actually be good for marriages. Spouses who blame the economy for some of their personal finance issues are more satisfied with their marriages, according to a recent study by psychologists Lisa Diamond of the University of Utah and Angela Hicks of Westminster College.

There are multiple reasons for better marriages in a down economy, according to the study. First, research shows that the ability to redirect blame makes people feel better about themselves. But blaming one's spouse for financial problems can cause strain in a marriage.

A bad economy provides a scapegoat for a couple's financial struggles. In the study, Diamond and Hicks surveyed 632 U.S. couples about their marriages, finances and the cause of whatever issues they were having. They discovered that 48 percent blamed the economy and their spouse, 42 percent blamed neither and 3 percent placed all of the blame on their partner, according to the study.

The study also showed that the happiest couples shared the responsibility for their money problems, but also placed some blame on the national economy.

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