The voice-controlled digital assistant featured on Apple’s iPhone 4S can do everything from hands-free texting to reminding users about birthdays.

The mobile assistant can also be used as a personal financial manager, according to Kiplinger.

Users can ask Siri, “Where can I withdraw cash?” to which the assistant will respond by showing the nearest places to withdraw cash. She can also find directions to the nearest bank so users can save on out-of-network ATM fees.

Using Siri’s reminders will prevent any late payments on bills. Users simply say, “Remind me to pay my credit card bill next Tuesday.” Reminders can also be location-based, which means users can receive alerts when they arrive at home or work.

The technology can also be used to calculate a tip, but includes a feature that allows users to include income tax and/or split the bill. Simply ask Siri, “How much is $40.65 plus San Francisco sales tax?” or “What is a 20-percent tip on $60.64 for three people?”

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