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Rochelle Price
Dale Price waves to his son's school bus for the last time Thursday morning, June 2, 2011. Price dressed up in a different costume to wave goodbye each day to his son this school year.

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AMERICAN FORK — Just when Dale Price thought his 15 minutes of fame had finally ended, he got a call from a Japanese TV network.

"Apparently it has gone to 16 minutes, I don't know, it just keeps going," said Price.

Dale Price became known as the "World's Most Embarrassing Dad" after a story about him waving at the bus during the entire school year, went viral around the world.

This week, a crew from TV-Asahi, a Japanese network, is spending time with Dale Price and his family.

The network is producing a segment on Price, which will air during prime time in Japan on April 2. It's similar to a reality show, which in Japan is known as a "docudrama."

"It's called 'Torihada' and it literally means 'goosebumps' and we do a lot of viral clips," according to Sean Takahashi, a producer of the project.

During the 2010-11 school year, Price dressed in different costume every morning to wave at his 16-year-old son Rain, as the school bus drove away. They posted the photos on their blog, for family and friends to see. But after the story went viral, Price's photos were seen around the world.

"Just hearing that, we had to see what it's all about and how he does it, how he pulls it off," added Takahashi.

Price even found himself in the National Enquirer and in Reader's Digest and is still dressing up and waving at the bus, once a week, to keep the followers of his blog, (waveatthebus.blogspot.com) happy.

"They keep sending messages and recommendations, 'you should wear this and that,'" Price said.

He admits there is less pressure to come up with a new costume once a week, instead of every day.

His wife, Rochelle, takes the photos and posts them on the family's blog.

"On the blog, we're still seeing a lot of activity every month, with a lot of people hitting on it, people leaving comments saying, 'wow' I just found out about this," added the wife of the World's Most Embarrassing Dad.

As for 16-year-old Rain, who put up with a year of his dad waving to him on the bus, he just laughs, knowing it can't get any worse.

"They know it's not going to make me feel embarrassed anymore, because of all of the outrageous stuff he's already done," the said the junior at American Fork High School.

The Prices say they keep doing this for one reason— simply because they enjoy helping people laugh and smile.

Takahashi says Price and his family are exactly what their viewers in Japan want to see .

"His whole family is filled with love and energy. It's great, it's like what I was expecting and it would have to be a character like that (pointing to Dale) to pull this off."

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