A scene from one of the new Bible Videos about the Savior's life.

Bible Videos: Watch spectacular scenes from the New Testament come to life with the two newest Bible Videos. First “Jesus Warns Peter and Offers the Intercessory Prayer” and then institutes the sacrament in “The Last Supper.” Click to watch and then share them with your friends, or use these in preparation for Easter lessons in the next few weeks in home and at church.

Utah Caucuses: The Mormon Soprano outlines what happened in her area when Utahns “Heed(ed) the Call to Caucus” as prompted by a recent First Presidency letter. She includes photos and musings on her own experience, including the fact that her daughter was elected a county delegate: “Her excitement was so contagious and delightful it made my whole night! Of course she is new to the entire process, and she has no idea what she is really getting into yet. But, this is her chance to learn first hand about the political process, to make her voice be heard, and to feel like her vote really counts.” Cool!

FHE songs: If you are looking for an idea for tonight, how about trying this blogger’s suggestion of “Learning (Church) Songs at Home.” She explains: “This year in January, the idea came to me that we could focus on one song each month this year. We took a few minutes during a Family Home Evening to come up with a list of songs we'd like to focus on this year, with suggestions from everyone. The kids suggested a few songs that they already know, but I thought it would be a good opportunity to review them and learn additional verses. My two-year-old now knows three verses of 'I Am a Child of God.' We sing the songs during Family Home Evenings, every night when we do scripture study and prayer, and before naps and bedtime. The kids soak up the songs like sponges and learn the words within a week.” Plus see her list of resources to help you do just that! Awesome.

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