I'm doing fine. I'll go in shock tomorrow. —Wade Hurd

NORTH OGDEN — A family's home of more than 30 years was destroyed Saturday after a fire burned for hours before fire crews could get the blaze under control.

Wade Hurd and his wife were alerted to the fire at their home at 282 East Lomond View Dr. around 4 a.m. when Hurd awoke to the smell of smoke. He woke his wife and leaving the bedroom saw a "wall of smoke" blocking their exit on the main level.

Instead, the couple climbed upstairs, exited through a window in the study, and climbed down the roof to eventually jump to the ground, Hurd said.

North View Fire Department crews fought the blaze for around 10 hours before putting it out. Investigators estimate $1 million in damages to the home.

Fire investigators believe a spark from a hot water heater ignited some flammable liquid nearby.

Hurd said he was working on a project Friday evening when he spilled the liquid. He cleaned it up, he said, and believed he'd gotten it all.

At the scene of the blaze Hurd acted lighthearted. "I'm doing fine," he said. "I'll go in shock tomorrow."

The Hurds said they were grateful that one thing was saved from the fire — 140 scrapbooks that Hurd's wife has been working on for 43 years.

An insurance representative had recommended the couple buy a safe to protect the scrapbooks last year, which they did.

The family has insurance, and Hurd says they plan on rebuilding in the same spot. They say this is their home, it's been their home for 37 years, and it's where they want to be.