As college tuition costs continue to rise, and student loan debt grows, many look for ways to lower the cost.

As the cost for a college education continues to explode, and student loan debt exceeds credit card and auto loan debt, people are mixed on how to fix the problem, according to the Atlantic.

With this in mind, the Atlantic asked readers what they think the best way to responsibly encourage education after high school. A plethora of responses followed.

The country desperately needs less taxpayer-funded aid, according to one Atlantic reader. "Very few organizations are able to control costs when nearly unlimited funding is available. And when unemployed 19-year-olds, who would be turned down for a $2,000 car loan, are suddenly able to borrow tens of thousands per year to learn the intricacies of art history," the responder wrote . "Nothing good happens when an industry bases its well being on the profligacy and borrowing power of children in adult bodies."

Another responder said the treatment of student loans is "intolerable and indefensible," writing, "No other loan in this country has ever been specifically stripped of bankruptcy protections until congress removed them from student loans without good reason."

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