T.j. Kirkpatrick, Deseret News
A "skimming" device that steals credit card data was concealed inside a gas pump at a 7-Eleven in Sandy.

Gas prices aren’t the only thing to worry about at the pump.

Thieves are stealing debit and credit card numbers by placing devices inside card readers on gas pumps, according to NBC Los Angeles. Most victims don’t know they’ve been bilked until they see their bills.

“They’re actually coming back to get the device that they’ve put in the machine prior to," Sgt. Steven Jenkinson of the Torrance, Calif., Police Department told NBC Los Angeles. "There have been incidences where ... they’re using wireless capabilities or Bluetooth to obtain information."

The Torrence police have arrested three suspects accused of stealing information from about 130 credit cards at the pump.

"I traveled to China and came back and I had $18,000 worth of fraud," Michael Frazier, an identity theft victim, told NBC.

Gas stations are starting to put seals on their pumps. If the seal is broken, then the pump may have been tampered with.

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