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Reamey Family
Family history work lead to finding unknown living relatives. The families have since become very close. Pictured are husband and wife, Franklin Martin Reamey and Myrtle (Algerine Williams) Reamey.

Editor's note: This week Mormon Times shares stories from staffers' and contributors' family history — whether one from an ancestor or their search to fill out their family tree — that educate, entertain, inspire or uplift.

I joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Jan. 4, 1983. I was the only member of the church in my family. I’ve had many experiences of both highs and lows as I sought to follow the prophets and do family history work.

I had a tangled web of information and much that was missing. There were many family members who would not assist me with information. Family members who were willing to help often didn’t know any of their history themselves.

There were family “mysteries” that hadn’t been revealed to me. I didn’t know about those “mysteries,” but Heavenly Father did.

Years later, on Nov. 10, 1991, I received my patriarchal blessing — and a direct promise from the Lord that if I continued in this work that names would come to me.

I held on to that promise through years of discouragement in my searching.

I had many basics but nothing past my grandparents.

Then one day, a door swung open.

I found out that as a small boy, my dad’s father (Hubert Reamey) had passed away, and that later my grandmother (his mother, Mary Rose Arrington Reamey) had married Herman Edgar Robinette.

My dad was legally adopted by his stepfather and thus became a Robinette.

I was told no Reameys were living.

Having once again only bits and pieces to go by, I reached another wall.

For years nothing, but at least one “mystery” had been revealed. And then a blessing beyond my comprehension came to me.

At a funeral of a family member, I met family members who I had never seen before. It was then a fruitful door opened.

I was told of relatives who were Reameys who were alive. I gathered their names and began to contact them.

As Franklin and Myrtle Reamey came into my life, my fear that they wouldn’t want anything to do with me was short-lived and unfounded. They were wonderful people and I instantly loved them. I was also blessed to find several counties teeming with my living relatives I didn’t know existed.

With the best yet to be revealed, I found out they were very involved with family history work. They had records of my family members from my dad’s side back to the 1800s. Not just names, they had birth dates, death dates, the cemeteries where they were buried, some marriage dates and names I never knew were part of the family tree.

My youngest son, Wesly Wright, and his wife, Beth (and their three children), live in Rexburg, Idaho. They had quick access to family history research centers just 12 minutes from their home.

I provided them with names, and they expanded on what I had. Then the temple work began for the newly discovered family members. Many of my ancestors have been found and their temple work is complete.

There is much more for me to do as the work goes on.

It has been a blessing that my son and his wife have spent countless hours helping in this great work and performing temple ordinances for our family.

I am grateful for Heavenly Father’s message to me in my patriarchal blessing and seeing that blessing begin to be fulfilled. I know he will help me with the rest of it also.

Becky Robinette Wright is a freelance writer and photographer who lives in Virginia.