Anna McKean
Brandon Mull sits at a fake Authors Anonymous meeting with fellow writers who attended the show. From left: Dean Hale (on floor), Shannon Hale, Brandon Mull, Tyler Whitesides, Eric Patten and Matthew Kirby.

To celebrate the release of his new book "Beyonders: Seeds of Rebellion," Brandon Mull hosted a release party at Cottonwood High School in Murray on Tuesday, March 13, bringing a comedy show, characters from his new book, other authors and even his own daughter to the stage.

Shannon Hale, author of "Princess Academy" and "Austenland," hosted the event that filled the auditorium. The program started with characters from "Beyonders" coming onto the stage, and then she kicked off the show with her own comedy sketch.

Other authors who participated included Eric Patten, who wrote "Return to Exile (Hunter Chronicles)"; Matthew Kirby, who wrote "The Clockwork Three"; and Tyler Whitesides, who wrote "Janitors." They pretended they were attending an Authors Anonymous meeting.

They talked about how writers spend a lot of time in their basements, and some common pitfalls of writers, including going to websites to see reviews about their books.

"If people hate my books, they don't hate me, they just hate my imagination and everything I think is cool," the group recited, which elicited laughs from the crowd.

DC Comedy also performed, and children were jumping up and down, waving glowsticks that were tossed to the crowd.

Mull's daughter, Sadie, also performed a monologue for the crowd. It was written by her father and she performed it in the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival. The audiences laughed as much for her as they did for the comedy show.

"We try to make launch parties fun, and having you guys, waving glowsticks, makes it all fun," Mull said as he concluded the party. He also told his fans about a follow-up to "Fablehaven" that he is planing for the future, as well as another "Candyshop Wars" book. The third "Beyonders" is due to come out in the spring of 2013.

Beau Bayless, a 14-year-old from Spanish Fork, was reading Mull's new book before the show even started and said that although he barely got the book at 2 p.m. that day, he was already on page 172.

"So far I've enjoyed it a lot," he said. "I kind of like how it is from a kid's point of view. It's kind of different than an adult's point of view."

His favorite book from Mull thus far is the fifth "Fablehaven" book.

After the program, Mull came out and signed books for a very long line.

Audrey Kunz, an 11-year-old from Lindon, was clutching her book and jumping excitedly up and down as she met Mull, though she said it was the second time she met him.

"I love them," Kunz said about Mull's books. "He is one of the best authors I've ever read."

Her brother Josh also was holding some of Mull's books at the party and said that Mull is one of his favorite authors.

Their mother, Heidi Kunz, was supervising, though she wasn't a stranger to Mull's writings. She said she has read all of the Fablehaven series and is glad that the books are appropriate for her children to read.

"They're wonderful," Kunz said. "The characters, they're human, but they're striving for good, and the books celebrate that. I feel really good letting my children read that."