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The new Apple iPad features a sharper screen and a faster processor. Apple says the new display will be even sharper than a high-definition TV's.

The iPad is changing the way businesses work, how executives interact, and transforming the economics of business operations in the world today, according to Business Insider.

Through the end of 2011, Apple had sold approximately 55 million iPads, which are currently selling at a rate of approximately 60 million units per year, according to the article. Many of those sales are coming from people in the business world, as more than 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies are reportedly testing or using them. Forrester Research expects companies to spend $10 billion on iPads in 2012, and an additional $16 billion in 2013.

Apple and other computer tablet companies clearly benefit from this, but the biggest beneficiary of this new wave may be the thousands of businesses and users whose daily workloads are being changed by the iPads, according to Business Insider. Real estate agents with Coldwell Banker and Sotheby's now use iPads to access property listings and other information in the field for potential buyers. Airline pilots are using iPads for digital flight manuals instead of big bags of paper charts and documents. This move is expected to save United Airlines alone more than 300,000 gallons of jet fuel a year.

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