Move over MBA.

More people are turning to a master’s of management degree, while traditional MBA programs are seeing significant decreases in applications, according to CNN Money.

A price comparison shows why students are switching to the MBA alternative.

Tuition for MBA programs can be as high as $100,000, while a master’s in management runs at about an average of $30,000. That price can be even less if students receive in-state tuition.

Speed is another advantage that master’s in management programs have over their MBA counterparts.

Full-time students typically finish a MiM degree in nine months, which is much shorter than the two years required for an MBA. A part-time MiM degree can be earned in two years, making it easier to work full-time.

The alternative is especially appealing to liberal arts students who want to understand how the business world works, but don’t meet admissions requirements for an MBA program.

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