Keith Johnson, Deseret News archives
Thousands of dollars worth of expensive meats and cheeses were stolen from Caputo\';s on 15th.

SALT LAKE CITY — Thousands of dollars worth of expensive meats and cheeses were stolen from Caputo’s on 15th.

Troy Petersen, manager of the market and deli at 1516 S. 1500 East, said the theft was discovered Monday around 7:45 a.m. The lock to the storage’s walk-in cooler, which has an exterior entrance, was broken.

“They cleared us out of all our artisan salami,” he said. “I think we had about five or six legs of prosciutto in there and cheeses and other types of cured meats. They just took all that out. It was barren.”

The less expensive cuts of meats and a couple of the deli cheeses and meats were left behind. "It seems like they knew what they were going in for and going out," he said. 

He said the items may not be easy to get rid of because special tools are needed to cut them down and be able to sell them.

Petersen said the cost of what was stolen is estimated between $2,300 and $2,400. Replacing what was stolen will take time, he said, because a lot of the products come from dozens of distributors in southern Europe.

“I’m bummed out,” he said. “A lot of the stuff we order once a month. We have to order it so well in advance that I’m going to be out of it, some of it, for probably another four to six weeks.”

Petersen said the food industry is very competitive, so the theft really hurts their bottom line.

Insurance will cover the loss, but the owners will have to spend some money to install an alarm system into the walk-in storage area and add cameras to the back and on the side of the building.

Police are investigating the missing items.