Mormon Channel
Take a tour of redesigned Mormon Channel website.

Mormon Channel: One of the newest Mormon Messages videos takes you on a “Mormon Channel Website Tour” that is so handy it makes my job of explaining what you’ll find on the website practically redundant. I love how it shows exactly how to find the newest content. Plus, don’t you love the opportunity to personalize your very own Mormon Channel playlist? Click in to learn more.

Channel App: Another one of the newest Mormon Messages videos takes you on a tour of the new “Mormon Channel Mobile App” so that you can get the very most of the Mormon Channel offerings on your phone or tablet or other mobile device. You can also personalize your own playlist, and I just think that’s an awesome feature that everyone should explore. Enjoy!

Reducing stress: What happens when one blogger decides to look for ways to reduce stress using ideas from the gospel? An entire church talk that includes 45 ways the gospel can help reduce stress, that’s what. Click in to see the backstory here of her church talk, and then click into this document of her actual talk with the full list. Here’s one idea: “Set goals and visualize the ideal in increments of time. Think of one month from now, one year from now, five years from now, 20 years from now, and don’t forget eternity.” Awesome!

Easter program: It is still a few weeks away, but likely wards and stakes around the globe are already prepping for Easter. If your Primary is singing a selection, check out this blog post that outlines a “Primary Musical Number for Easter” that utilizes both a beautiful song (sang, of course by the angelic voices in your Primary choir) and a scripture reading. It sounds incredible, so check it out!

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