Moms in social media are finding they're able to make money and stay at home with the kids.

A lot of women are saying the skills they acquired before having children — especially those with marketing, content or communications backgrounds — are useful when looking for ways to make money while staying at home with the kids, according to Fox Business.

"I've always been really into technology and marketing, and when social media really came on the scene, I just knew from everything I was reading that this really was the wave of the future and I wanted to be a part of this," Cindy Earl, a mother of two, ages 10 and 7, told Fox Business.

Earl left her job as a college marketing director in 2001 after giving birth to her daughter. Since then, she's become a marketing and social media coach and consultant, according to the article.

The social media business also presents an outlet for mothers who want to keep working under their own terms, keep their skills up in an ever changing industry and stay in touch with the outside world as they deal with parenthood, according to Fox Business.

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