PROVO — A 36-year-old man was arrested for allegedly trying to extort sexual favors and money from an engaged BYU student, Provo police said.

Brad Adams was booked into Utah County Jail for investigation of extortion and attempted forcible sodomy after his arrest March 6. Provo police report that Adams met the 21-year-old man Feb. 22 on Craigslist and the two began communicating through email and text message. The BYU student allegedly sent "compromising" photos to Adams and the two met in Orem and had consensual sex.

Provo police report the younger man then told Adams he wanted to cut off contact with him, but Adams allegedly threatened the victim, telling him he wanted sex or money or he would tell the victim's fiancee, family, friends and BYU Honor Code office about their contact. The victim gave Adams $260 hoping to end contact, but Adams persisted, telling the victim he wanted either $800 or $600 and sex, according to Provo police.

The victim contacted Provo police and on March 6, under police direction, offered Adams $800 in exchange for the compromising photos. After the exchange, officers took Adams into custody.

Provo Police Sgt. Mathew Siufanua said there is reason to believe Adams had done this before and asked that anyone with information about other potential victims contact detective Brian Taylor at 801-852-7328.

Hunter Schwarz