Angie Manzanares
Oliana Pulou, the principal's secretary at Academy Park Elementary School, was recently named Granite School District's February Customer Service Star.

Oliana Pulou has a knack for making students, parents and fellow employees feel comfortable and at ease. Her friendly demeanor and positive attitude didn’t go unnoticed by co-worker Alyssa Carraway.

“She really was able to come in here and make us love her,” Carraway said of the principal’s secretary at Academy Park Elementary School.

Meanwhile, Kris Fox, a school technology specialist at Hunter Elementary, often tries to save the day for fellow co-workers struggling with technological issues.

“She is so helpful with all the computer questions that we barrage her with and she never makes us feel stupid,” said co-worker Darla Williams. “We love Kris.”

Both Fox and Pulou strive to provide excellent customer service not only to Granite School District patrons, but to co-workers as well. The district’s new Customer Service Star program, which tries to recognize the great customer service that many employees provide, recognized the efforts of Fox and Pulou and named them monthly Customer Service Star winners.

“We wanted to create an opportunity to highlight the great customer service that is happening in our district,” said Communications Director Ben Horsley. “We think this is a great way to encourage positive customer service and reward those who are already doing a superior job."

Customer service cards and posters are placed throughout Granite District Schools, and parents, students and employees are all encouraged to fill cards out and explain their customer service experiences. Those cards are submitted to the district’s Communications Department and a weekly Customer Service Star is randomly chosen.

Submissions may also be emailed to [email protected]. Monthly winners are selected randomly as well and receive a trophy and a $25 gift card.

“While an occasional concern is submitted, the response to the program has been overwhelmingly positive,” Horsley said. “This program really gives us an opportunity to address any issues our patrons have, while at the same time recognizing those who go above and beyond.”

Angie Manzanares is a former teacher and journalist. She currently works for the Granite School District as a public relations specialist. Her hobbies include photography, graphic design, dancing, and screaming at Jazz games.