A screenshot from the new LDS Prophet Quizzes app.

Heart change: A couple sees a homeless man on the corner: “After my wife had returned to the van I told her that I felt we should give him something. Regrettably, we only had a few dollars in cash and these she handed to him through the window. ‘Thank you, ma’am,’ he said, accepting the small offering. Unexpectedly, his eyes welled up with tears. ‘I’m so sorry,’ he whispered. He immediately turned back around in the other direction. His words stunned us into silence as we drove away. He was sorry? For what, exactly? His slovenly appearance? Putting all of us in a potentially awkward position by asking us (and others) to stop and help?” This beautiful essay asks some hard questions about truly giving to others. This blogger concludes, “Sometimes, though, inexplicably, our hearts break, even if just a little, and no justifications rise up to seal off the cracks and fissures. In those moments responding, giving, reaching out are as natural as breathing. Underneath, we were both the same, and that fact would remain long after I again took up my protective layers and hardened my heart to the world again.” Please read the entire post “Refugee.”

Prophet quiz: Looking for a Mormon-themed app that doubles as a game? Then check out this “Free iPhone/iPad App: LDS Prophet Quizzez” that has four different types of games to play — Who am I? What am I best known for? Years as a prophet? Whose quote is it? — in an effort to teach members about both past and present prophets. Click in to check it out!

Mission song: There is something absolutely stirring about seeing these missionaries rousingly sing their “Philippines Baguio Mission Song.” Enjoy!

FHE lesson: Need a family home evening plan for tonight? This blog post outlines a lesson/activity on “Loving Those With Disabilities” with a lesson that teaches about Heavenly Father loves us all, no matter our abilities and includes an activity that teaches children about sign language and a coloring page. Even the treat idea teaches a lesson. Check it out!

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