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Monty Brinton, CBS
The Manono Tribe, clockwise from top: Michael Jefferson, Colton Cumbie, Bill Posley, Jay Byars, Leif Manson, Matt Quinlan, Troy Robertson, Greg Smith and Jonas Otsuji compete against the Salani Tribe on "Survivor: One World" one Wednesdays.

Utahn Jonas Otsuji was part of the "Survivor: One World" episode Wednesday night that was one for the history books.

The all-female Salani Tribe had lost the immunity challenge and was scheduled to go to tribal council. The all-male Manono Tribe had easily won the immunity challenge. But one of the alliances within the tribe found that one had revealed their plans to someone outside the alliance.

Lief Manson, 27, a phlebotomist from San Diego, had told Bill Posley, 28, a stand-up comic from Venice, Calif., that Posley was targeted by the alliance headed by Colton Cumbie, 21, a college student of Monroeville, Ala., who has one of the hidden individual immunity idols.

Cumbie formed an alliance with several of the men, including Otsuji; Manson; Greg "Tarza," Smith, 64; and Troy "Troyzan" Robertson, 50, in the third episode. On Wednesday, Cumbie let Manson know he was not pleased with his disloyalty.

Cumbie also didn't like Posley, as he disdained Posley's job as a stand-up comic and clashed with him racially and ideologically, and wanted him gone.

So the men gave the team immunity idol to the Salani Tribe and headed to tribal council. There was a heated and emotional discussion, which revealed much about the characters and opinions of several, before the tribe voted Posley out. Manson had thought he was potentially going home.

Host Jeff Probst said that never before in the 24 seasons of "Survivor" had a tribe given up their immunity, and time would only tell if they had made the right choice or one of the "dumbest moves" in history of the show.

Otsuji, a sushi chef from Lehi, felt like he needed to go along with going to tribal council as part of the alliance, as did some of the other men.

Previously, the Salani Tribe had been a mess. They were unable to make a fire and lost challenges in the first two episodes. Kourtney Moon, 29, a motorcycle mechanic, went home the first episode after breaking her wrist in the immunity challenge. Nina Acosta, 51, a retired LAPD officer, was sent home in the second episode. The women won the reward and immunity challenges in Episode 3, earning a canoe and fishing gear, and won the reward challenge in the fourth episode on Wednesday, earning a tarp. They lost the immunity challenge of solving several puzzles in pairs.

Cumbie had spent a lot of his time at the Salani camp. When Sabrina Thompson, 33, a high school teacher from Booklyn, N.Y., found an immunity idol that was to go to the Manono Tribe, she gave it to Cumbie. That's when the power started to shift in the Manono Tribe. In the third episode, the men voted out Matt Quinlan, 33, an attorney from San Francisco, as they saw him as a strong player and a potential threat. And in this episode, Posley went home.

Now both tribes have seven people.

"Survivor: One World," where both tribes share the same beach, airs Wednesdays at 7 p.m. on CBS.

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