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Bonnie Jackson with records of her family and their stories of how they immigrated to this country.

When a family digs into its history, members are certain to find treasured ancestral stories that educate, entertain, inspire and uplift.

That is the motivation behind a series of articles found this week in Mormon Times.

As President Boyd K. Packer, president of the Quorum of the Twelve, recorded in his book, “Mine Errand from the Lord,” family history work is more than getting names processed to go to the temple.

“It is also family relationships,” he said. “It is family reunions, it is family connections, and it is keeping the accounts of the things that are handed down from parents to children and passed through families that connect and make the spiritual connection through this power of the Holy Ghost, the Spirit by which we operate.”

As you read these stories, we hope you come away feeling educated, entertained, inspired and uplifted. We also hope you come away with a renewed desire to explore and uncover similar stories within your own family tree.

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"The chronicles of John Toone" by Trent Toone

"Study abroad program in England put me on a quest to discover my ancestors" by Crystalee Beck

"Family history work heals and opens hearts" by Aaron Shill

"Discovering my heroes, discovering the hero within" by Nick Galieti

"Robert Crookston's testimony of the Prophet" by Christine Rappleye

"A blessing fulfilled as I searched my family history" by Becky Robinette Wright

"Finding Tyre Nilsdotter and her family" by Russell Bangerter

"The joy of finding living relatives" by Kenneth Sisler

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