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Provided by Deseret Book
"Doing What We Came To Do: Living a Life of Love" is a new book by Ardeth G. Kapp.

"DOING WHAT WE CAN TO DO: Living a Life of Love," Ardeth G. Kapp, Deseret Book, $15.99, 150 pages (nf)

Condense 80 years of life learning about love and the divine role of women into one small volume, and you have “Doing What We Came to Do: Living a Life of Love” by Sister Ardeth G. Kapp, who has previously served as the Young Women general president.

Sister Kapp draws on her lifetime of experiences as a wife, teacher and women’s leader in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to share what she has learned about loving and serving.

The book is divided into five short sections, each containing four well-crafted essays on subjects, Webs of Friendship, My Soul Delighteth in God’s Love, the Light Within, Lessons from a Second-Grade Classroom and Infinite Hope.

Nuggets of wisdom are tucked in using personal stories and observations. She also employs poetry, hymn texts, scriptures and testimonies — her own and those of latter-day prophets and apostles — to make her points.

For example, an excerpt from the journal of her great-great grandmother, Sarah Sturdevant Leavitt, illuminates the chapter, the Light Within.

“To write my love of God above it would drain the ocean, though the sea was ink, and the earth paper and every stick a pen and every man a scribe. When I try to praise him in beauty, to honor and magnify the name of God, I find I have no language at my command that will do justice to the case, but when I lay aside this weak, frail body, I expect to praise him in the beauty of holiness.”

Ever the teacher, Sister Kapp ends each short chapter with questions to encourage the reader to ponder, ask and act on the ideas presented.

The book’s small size makes it perfect to tuck in a handbag. It would make a great gift.

Kapp has written 13 other books published by Deseret Book and has been frequent speaker for the publisher’s Time Out for Women program.

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