Beth Hall, Associated Press
Homemakers don't get paid for all the work they do. But how much would it cost to hire a professional to do all that work?

If a professional were hired to do each of the tasks a homemaker performs, it would sum up to a minimum of $96,261 per year, according to Investopedia.

Homemakers typically have to spend a fair amount of time preparing meals. The total cost of driving to the grocery store, buying the food and driving back in addition to the service of cooking the food comes out to $52,260 a year.

Homemakers also provide full-time, live-in childcare, according to the article. From a professional, service like this would cost a minimum of $600 a week, according to the International Nannies Association. That rate, plus benefits, would cost $31,200 annually.

Cleaning the house is another one of the many duties of a homemaker. Hiring a maid to do a bi-weekly cleaning of a 900-square foot home with two bedrooms and five other rooms costs $59-$124. If it costs an average of $118 a week, that would result in an annual cost of $6,136, according to the article.

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