Mike Terry, Deseret News archives
Make sure your wedding goes according to plan by securing it financially.

In addition to the emotions accompanying a wedding, many people usually have a lot of money involved in the proceedings, according to the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel.

The huge investment that goes into a wedding makes planning for the worst extremely important, according to the article. Getting wedding insurance provides financial protection, which can be coupled with peace of mind. Wedding insurance policies can cover the entire cost of the wedding, if it's postponed or cancelled because of unanticipated circumstances.

Getting wedding insurance is good, but here are some other ways to make sure all the financial bases are covered for the big day, according to the article:

  • Paying by credit card instead of by check in case a company you were working with can't provide its services is a good idea. Under the Fair Credit Billing Act, you have the right to argue charges on your card for goods or services you didn't receive.
  • Think about working with a professional, accredited wedding planner. Hiring such a personal assistant usually pays for itself.
  • Learn all you can about vendors and venues. Look for vendors with good reputations and look at their Facebook and Twitter pages to see what they say outside of the selling process.
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