Younger people who are starting to get married and form families may be what fixes the housing market.

What fixes the housing market won't be another stimulus or quantitative easing. It will be younger people, according to Market Watch.

Generation X has already had its impact on the housing market, according to Market Watch. But people born in the 1980s and '90s are entering their peak marriage and family-forming years.

The settling down of the biggest generation so far will create an exceptional demand for rentals and starter homes. New supply has all but disappeared because of the bubble burst. New home construction reached its lowest level on record in 2011, breaking record lows from the previous two years, according to the article.

It might seem ridiculous to talk or think about, because of the current foreclosure rates, but in a couple years, the U.S. may have a housing shortage, at least in cities attracting new families, according Market Watch.

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