Sisters Willis and Barrus sing their testimony of Joseph Smith.

Uplifting music: Want some chills? Then click into this beautiful musical testimony of Joseph Smith sung by two sister missionaries serving in the New York Rochester Mission: “We Sing of Truth.” Then stay for a while and click through the rest of their blog Pause to Uplift, which has other inspiring stories and testimonies, both written and videographed. Enjoy!

Ward missionaries: It is with a slightly saddened heart that I report the “Awesome Ward Missionaries” have been “Released” and, while keeping the blog open for reference, will likely not be adding new ideas. But I am pleased to report that even though they have moved on calling-wise, they still have one final reminder for us all: “The great thing is, since every member should be a member-missionary anyhow, it doesn't mean that I need to stop doing many of the fun things that ward missionaries get to do — helping visitors feel welcome, fellowshipping new members, inviting nonmember friends to church and activities.” Thanks for the service you rendered in promoting your awesome ward missionary ideas online!

19 dresses: The sight of all of these dresses, with material sweetly donated and then lovingly sewn, just made my day. This blogger plans to donate them to the Women’s Children Alliance, where they will be gifted to girls somewhere in the world who need them. She explains, “My hope is that the little girls and their moms will be delighted with these new little dresses.” Love it.

Subway art: Another blog day, another cute printable subway art. This colorful rendition takes its theme from “Organize Yourself: D&C 88:119.” Click in to view, then download, print and display in your home. Nice!

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