SALT LAKE CITY — The Utah House voted unanimously Monday to advance a bill that would add greater transparency to public funding for charter schools.

HB392, sponsored by Rep. Stephen Sandstrom, R-Orem, would require property tax notices to state the amount of an individual's property taxes that is being distributed to charter schools.

"People should know where their tax dollars are going," Sandstrom said.

Sandstrom said he was concerned that many property owners in Utah do not understand that charter schools are publicly funded or the amount of their taxes that go toward those schools. He said the bill would also serve local school boards, which bear the brunt of public response when higher taxes are levied, in demonstrating how funds are being distributed.

He emphasized before the House that the bill would not change the rate, or amount, of taxes collected in any way.

"This is a transparency bill," he said. "Every bit of information we can give to the people who pay taxes in our state is a good thing."

The House voted 72-0 in favor of the bill. It now goes to the Senate.

Benjamin Wood