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"Venom" is a book by K.C. Grant.

"VENOM," by K.C. Grant, Covenant Communications, $15.99, 216 pages (f)

K.C. Grant’s latest novel, "Venom," is a romantic cozy mystery that readers will love. "Venom" follows the story of Samantha Evans, who is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and is determined to make a name for herself in the advertising world. But after several months working for a prestigious agency in Los Angeles, she has nothing to show except her faxing and filing skills. So when her boss announces they need a translator to go to Mexico City, she jumps at the chance to use the Spanish the learned while serving a Mormon mission.

Samantha is thrilled when she gets the job as Katrina Edwards' personal assistant However, the initial excitement about the job quickly fades and is replaced by an uneasy feeling that she can’t shake. Many people on the team, including Katrina Edwards, seem to be hiding secrets leaving her wondering what she has got herself into.

Then there is David Ayala to top it all off. David is the enigmatic local photographer they have hired for the ad campaign. Interestingly enough, both Samantha and Katrina have taken a liking to this young man. Yet, Samantha feels that even he is hiding something.

After several strange incidents and numerous sightings of the same sinister looking man, Samantha stumbles upon some information that leads to her abduction. When Samantha comes face-to-face with the notorious drug lord known as “the Serpent,” Samantha has to decide who to trust and ask herself if she’ll make it out of this trip alive.

"Venom" is a cozy mystery with enough romance and suspense slowly burning in the background to keep any reader hooked. Samantha’s ability to maintain her high moral values in the midst of the corruption she unwittingly walked into makes for a great backdrop for the novel.

Additionally, Grant’s writing is excellent. Her descriptions of Mexico City are breathtaking and so vividly portrayed that readers will feel like they are seeing these sights for themselves. Grant has created an intriguing tale that fans of romantic suspense and cozy mysteries will absolutely adore.

Danica Baird is currently attending BYU and is pursuing a double-major in English and journalism.