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Provided by Gibbs Smith
"Little Master Carroll: Alice in Wonderland" by Jennifer Adams, is a board book that teaches colors using characters from the "Alice in Wonderland" story.

"LITTLE MISS BRONTE: Jane Eyre" and "LITTLE MASTER CARROLL: Alice in Wonderland" by Jennifer Adams, illustrations by Alison Oliver, Gibbs Smith, $9.99 each (ages 1 and up)

Jennifer Adams and BabyLit by publisher Gibbs Smith are at it again.

With the intent to give children a taste of classic literature at a young age, the author and publisher have released two new primers. "Little Miss BrontË: Jane Eyre" and "Little Master Carroll: Alice in Wonderland" join the previously released primers inspired by "Pride and Prejudice" and "Romeo and Juliet" to create a distinctively clever board book series.

"Jane Eyre" counts to 10 as it effectively introduces young readers to the characters and setting by featuring "one governess" with an illustration of Jane Eyre and the "four towers" of Thornfield Hall. Like Adams' other primers, it also includes a few lines from the novel that are succinct and fit well with the illustrations.

The "Alice in Wonderland" color primer provides a refreshing deviation from Adams' other BabyLit primers, all of which focus on counting. The many peculiar characters in Carroll's novel, such as the red Queen of Hearts and the time-conscious white rabbit, lend themselves to a natural introduction to colors.

The literary ties are creative, but the illustrations take these primers to the next level and make them shine. Alison Oliver's illustration style is distinct with its bright colors and array of patterns that are sure to capture the attention and imagination of children. Even if parents are not well-versed in the literature, the images alone make these primers a worthwhile purchase.


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