SALT LAKE CITY — The Gateway Office has filed a suit against the owners of Jason's Deli in Salt Lake City, claiming the business owes more than $37,000 in rent and fees.

According to documents filed Thursday in 3rd District Court, the guarantors of the lease for Deli Nation of Gateway, which does business as Jason's Deli, have failed to meet the terms of their commercial lease and owe $37,519.40 in delinquent rent and other fees. The Gateway also claims that repeated demands for payment have been made to Deli Nation.

The Gateway is seeking judgement for payment of the delinquent fees as well as interest, court and attorney costs and other relief deemed just by the court.

Cory Sandberg, who is named in the suit along with Clive Pusey as guarantors of the lease, said Friday he was unaware of the lawsuit. "I assure you that the current ownership has nothing to do with this suit," Sandberg wrote in an email. He said the allegations may involve previous owners.

Benjamin Wood