SALT LAKE CITY — A father is suing Granite School District for negligence, claiming that his son was injured during an unsupervised activity on school property.

In the suit, filed Thursday in 3rd District Court, Michael Page alleges that on Jan. 10, 2011, his son participated in a special sledding day earned by his fourth-grade class at Oakridge Elementary and was allowed to slide down hills on school property. Page claims that parents were not given notice of the activity or asked for permission.

Page further claims that the children were left unattended and that grass and rocks were protruding from the light accumulation of snow on the hill. According to the suit, as his son took his turn sliding down the hill, he caught his chin on rocks in the snow, resulting in broken teeth and a fractured jaw that required surgical repair.

In the lawsuit, Granite School District is accused of failing to maintain supervised and safe activities and failing to provide reasonable care of students. Page is requesting damages for pain and suffering, past and future medical expenses, court costs and general relief.

Granite School District spokesperson Ben Horsley said the safety of students is a high priority but he had no response to the allegations as the district had not yet received the lawsuit.