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Getting rid of unwanted credit cards won\'t hurt your score if done right.

Too many credit cards can make money management — and a wallet —uncomfortable.

An anonymous reader who wanted to close some unneeded credit cards asked CNN’s “The Help Desk” blog if it would hurt his or her credit score.

"There is no optimum number of cards to have, and, unless these cards are charging an annual fee, there's really no compelling factor to close them," Gerri Detweiler, director of consumer education for, a website that focuses on credit and debt, told CNN. "Having too much credit available is truly not a standalone factor when measuring your credit score."

Though it’s not necessary, some may want to simplify their wallet. CNN offered a few tips on how to close down some of the unwanted cards.

Making a clean break when ending a relationship with a creditor will help prevent problems. Ending any automatic bill payments can do this.

"Cut off the line with the lowest line of credit," Robert Manning, president of, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing affordable financial education, told CNN.

Closing multiple cards at once could negatively impact a credit score, so close them once every six months, Detweiler told CNN.

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