Blaze Bullock
Mark Cuban gives some advice on how students can make money.

High school and college students often want jobs but they can't get one. They might want experience, but they can't get experience. Here's some advice from Mark Cuban on how students going to any school can make more than minimum wage.

Shoelaces. Students can buy a lot of shoelaces in school colors, go to their school parking lot by the football field, put up a sign and two chairs, and sell the shoelaces for a profit, Cuban says on his blog. If it's not football season, students selling the shoelaces can go to some location in the community where people that go to that high school show up. The laces can be bought for around $2 and sold for $10 or $20.

Become an expert in programming all-in-one TV remotes. People are buying a single remote to replace all of the remotes they have, according to Cuban's blog. Nobody wants to take the time and effort to figure out how to program it, and figure out all of the options.

Go to an electronics store and find out what the most popular remotes are. Become an expert with the remotes, then go back to the store with business cards that say this:

Your Name

I will program any remote for $20

I have a Ph.D. in Remote Control Programming

Cell#, email, website

Then you tell the managers at the stores, their customers will be more satisfied if they send them to you to program the remote. All the store has to do is let you put a stack of business cards next to the remotes and maybe let you put up a sign.

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