Scott G. Winterton, Deseret News
BYU's #10 Matt Carlino puts in a shot as he slides past Portland's #32 Ryan Nicholas as BYU and Portland play Saturday, Feb. 25, 2012 in the Marriott Center in Provo Utah.

BYU guard Matt Carlino has been reluctant to discuss the reasons for his decision to transfer from UCLA.

But Sports Illustrated's new in-depth report on the Bruins' basketball problems includes anecdotes and insights about Carlino's brief stay in Westwood, and sheds light on why Carlino may have decided to leave UCLA.

"From the first practice, (Bruin forward Reeves) Nelson's treatment of Carlino was a divisive issue," writes George Dohrmann. "Carlino suffered a concussion during the preseason that caused him to miss the first three games. Nelson ridiculed Carlino for letting the injury sideline him. He told Carlino he didn't belong at UCLA and wasn't any good. He would yell at Carlino to leave the locker room, calling him 'concussion boy.' When Carlino returned to workouts, Nelson would go out of his way to set a screen on Carlino so he could hit him. Eventually, players say, Carlino dreaded practice. It was of little surprise when he left UCLA midway through the season and transferred to BYU. After Carlino left, there was a team meeting at which (coach Ben) Howland said he couldn't respect a quitter. 'But everyone knew why Matt left,' says one player. 'He didn't want to keep sitting on the bench, but most of all he didn't want to be around Reeves anymore. That wasn't quitting. That was just smart.'"

As the article points out, Carlino isn't the only high-profile player to transfer from UCLA in recent years.

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