Mormon Messages
One women judges through her dirty windows in the new Mormon Messages video "Looking through Windows" based on a story shared by President Thomas S. Monson.

Dirty windows: Have you ever been guilty of “Looking through Windows” at those around you, not knowing that your windows were dirty in the first place? Here is the newest Mormon Messages video depiction of what is now one of President Thomas S. Monson’s classic stories that teaches the importance of not judging. Enjoy!

Bible video: You get a bonus video today since the newest Bible video was also released, beautifully depicting “The Lord’s Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem.” Not much happens, and yet so much does. Click in to see what I mean.

Kind bishop: The Day I Lied to My Bishop” may not sound like a very faith-promoting title, but stick with this beautiful personal essay. As added incentive to read, here is a snippet: “The experience is forever seared into my brain, perhaps because of the painful burning I felt as soon as I did it. This was NOT a warm and fuzzy feeling. This was a scorching flame that started in my heart and went to the top of my head to the soles of my feet. If he discerned anything unusual about my response, he said nothing. As I recall, that interview was on a Sunday. By midweek, my conscience had gotten the better of me. Like the Telltale Heart, it called out to me, and finally on an evening during the week I was meeting with the bishop again…” Click in to see what happens next!

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