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Michelle King's family put their family photo and their testimony in a couple of copies of the Book of Mormon to help share the gospel.

It’s so easy now to “reach out and touch someone.” Whether you blog or use Facebook or Twitter to share your profile or "Mormon Messages," there are very up-to-date ways to express your personal beliefs.

I smile when I remember our family’s first attempt at sharing about 25 years ago, long before social networking sites were even invented. We took a family picture when our two oldest children were very young, then glued it inside the front flap of a blue copy of the Book of Mormon, along with a short declaration of our faith. We gave several to the missionaries to hand out (they always welcome extra copies), never knowing where they’d end up. Well, you just never know.

This Sunday, on the March 4 installment of Mormon Times TV, you’ll meet a young woman from Taiwan who was touched when she received such a copy of the Book of Mormon — as well as the Utah church member who sent it. It’s quite a story of faith and changed lives, all because of one simple act.

We’ll also continue our globe-trotting and meet a faithful, long-time church member in Ireland. You’ll see what challenges and blessings await those who are baptized and live in the spectacular Emerald Isle. Plus we’ll share a great conversion story from a recently returned missionary in Samoa.

And a miraculous story about a Utah woman hit by a FrontRunner train who lived to tell about it after weeks in a coma. You’ll see how her ward came together to help her and how she’s working through her struggles with hope.

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Michelle King is the host of Mormon Times TV that airs Sunday mornings at 10 a.m. on KSL.