PROVO — Starting in July, Nikon will no longer send parts to independent camera repair shops and that has some shop owners concerned.

Steve Kew has been fixing cameras in Provo for 35 years. He says half of his business comes from people using Nikon cameras. For him, not being able to repair Nikon cameras is a very difficult thing to deal with.

“I’ve been laying awake at night thinking about this, and I don’t know if we will survive or not,” he said. “It’s very scary.”

In the letter sent to independent repair shops across the country, Nikon says it is doing this because "technology underlying today's cameras is more complex than it has ever been" and only Nikon's authorized service centers have the tools and expertise to make repairs.

Starting July 13, all repairs will be handled exclusively by Nikon authorized repair facilities

Kew is asking his customers to sign an online petition to urge Nikon to reconsider its new parts policy by going to and looking up Nikon.