A gender gap is forming over financial responsibilities, according to recent studies.

The battle of the sexes has found new ground in finances.

The financial roles each gender plays in families is shifting, causing a gender gap between how men and women view money and investing, according to the Calgary Herald.

“Not only are women managing more of the finances, but we're seeing evolution from the other partner," Crystal Wong, a senior regional manager with TD Waterhouse in Calgary told Calgary Herald. "We hope that in any relationship, one partner has a comfort level in dealing with the family finances. Yes, this is often the female in the relationship."

A poll from the Royal Bank of Canada shows that men are less likely to worry about saving for immediate needs than long-term investing. Women focus more on paying off debt than men.

"The differing attitudes of women and men about savings and investments have a real impact on their financial futures," Jason Round, head of financial planning support for RBC Financial Planning, told Calgary Herald.