SALT LAKE CITY  — Serious criminal offenses can be expunged after a certain amount of time, but the same opportunity doesn't exist for Utah motorists who want to clear their driving record.

A legislative measure that would allow that option via petitioning the court advanced Monday out the House Transportation Committee.

Sponsored by Sen. Curtis Bramble, R-Provo, SB201 would allow traffic offenses such as red light violations or speeding to be expunged after three years if a judge agrees.

Bramble said he agreed to pursue a change in the law after hearing from a constituent who was denied employment as a truck driver because of a 5-year-old citation for running a red light.

"Simple traffic violations remain on a person's record permanently," he said. "There is no process to allow for expungement."

Bramble said if serious criminal offenses can be wiped off a person's record after a certain amount of time, the same option should exist for traffic infractions.

"Every once in a while we have an opportunity to protect citizen's rights."