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A Mormon Helping Hands service project recently in New Zealand was turned into a music video.

Helping hands: “With hands that lift, hands that share, hands that work, hands that care, hands that help, hands to hold.” This beautiful new video titled “Helping Hands” combines a Church commissioned song with a video of the Auckland, New Zealand Harbour Stake Helping Hands activity from Saturday. Be one of the first to see this lovely piece and share it with your friends!

Mormon influence: “Turns out George is a Mormon. Because of his manner, his knowledge of his products’ operational conditions, and just his way of treating people, we have bought three cars from him, and probably won't buy from anyone else but him ‘til one of us passes over. George is a man I trust. I trust him because he lives his faith. I don't know much about the Mormon faith. I know my own church, the Catholic Church, has a position that the Mormon Church is not Christian because certain of their views are different from fundamental aspects of what is normally considered a Christian church. But, that said, I can't say I ever met a more Christian man.” So says Texas columnist Mark Vogl about “The Mormon I Know.” It’s a great example of the power of just living your religion and influencing those around you.

Scripture study: Will this mirror your “Family Scripture Study” tonight? This Photoshop painting creation from Ben Crowder just made me smile. Click in to enjoy.

Visiting teaching: Get a jump on your visiting teaching preparation with these “March 2012” printable handouts. You can choose from a nice selection of different quotes to better match the needs of your visiting teaching sisters. Click and print.

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