The ladies had a goal coming into this championship that they wanted to try to win the indoor title after losing by one point last year and they have been working very hard all year to accomplish that. I am proud of what they accomplished. —Aggie veteran head coach Gregg Gensel

NAMPA, Idaho — Utah State's women track and field team collected 144 points to win the 2012 Western Athletic Conference Indoor Championships at Jacksons Indoor Track Saturday, while the USU men took second place.

The win marks the first ever WAC track and field title for the Aggie women. Idaho's women came in second place with 110 points, followed by New Mexico State (94), Louisiana Tech (89), Nevada (86), Fresno State (71) and Hawaii (67).

Utah State's men came back from an early hole to pressure Idaho for the men's title as only one point separated the two going into the 4x400 meter relay, the final event of the championship. In the end, Idaho was able to out leg the Aggies to take first place in the relay race and claim the WAC title with 217.5 points. Utah State ended up with 212.5 points, followed by Louisiana Tech with 77.

USU's men's and women's teams were the only teams to have an athlete score in each event during the three-day championship.

During Saturday's action, Utah State tallied five event champions as part of 21 first-team All-WAC honorees. USU also had 19 student-athletes garner second-team All-WAC honors on the final day. Aggie veteran head coach Gregg Gensel was awarded his eighth women's Coach of the Year award and 34th overall Coach of the Year award at Utah State.

"I think the women's victory was accomplished by a combination of things," Gensel said. "We have a complete track and field team, and you can tell that by the fact that we had an athlete score in every event on both the men and women's sides. With the amount of women's teams in the championship, that was very impressive."

In 2011, the Aggie women were extremely disappointed when they saw their lead vanish to ultimately lose by one point to Louisiana Tech.

"The ladies had a goal coming into this championship that they wanted to try to win the indoor title after losing by one point last year and they have been working very hard all year to accomplish that," said Gensel. "I am proud of what they accomplished."

Freshman Nic Bowens finished second in both the 60m and 200m to garner the honor of being voted the 2012 WAC Men's Freshman of the Year. "Nic deserves this freshman of the year award. He has done well all season, and he knew his fellow teammate (Silas Pimentel) was sick coming into the championships and Nic really stepped up his game."

Winning WAC individual titles in their respective events were seniors Katelyn Heiner (400m), Chio Lopez (mile) and Daniel Howell, (3,000m), along with sophomore Bryce Hall (weight throw). The women's 4x400 meter relay team also finished in first place. The team consisted of Heiner, juniors Bailee Whitworth and Aubrie Haymore and sophomore Kylie Hirschi.

For Howell, this is his second title at the 2012 WAC Indoor Championships as he won the 5,000m on Friday. It is also his second-straight WAC indoor 3,000m title, while Lopez won his second WAC mile title as he also won in 2009.

This marks the first WAC indoor event title for Heiner, Hall and the women's 4x100-meter relay. With a time of 3:43.59, the women's 4x400-meter relay team ranks at No. 5 in Utah State history.

Those who qualify will return to Nampa, Idaho on March 8-11 for the 2012 NCAA Indoor Championships. The field for the championships will be announced on March 5 by the NCAA Division I Men's and Women's Track and Field Committee. The Aggies will also be in action on March 3 at some last-chance meets that have yet to be determined.

USU WOMEN'S AWARDS: WAC Coach of the Year: Gregg Gensel First-Team All-WAC (place - event )

Stephanie Burt (2nd - distance medley)

Brittany Bushman (2nd - distance medley)

Jessie Chugg (2nd - distance medley)

Sonia Grabowska (1st - pole vault)

Chari Hawkins (1st - pentathlon / T-3rd - high jump)

Aubrie Haymore (1st - 4x400m relay)

Katelyn Heiner (1st - 400m / 1st - 4x400m relay)

Kylie Hirschi (1st - 4x400m relay / 3rd - 800m)

Sam Nielson (3rd - triple jump)

Rachel Orr (T-3rd - high jump)

Amber Thompson (2nd - pole vault)

Bailee Whitworth (1st - 4x400m relay / 2nd - 200m)

Hannah Williams (2nd - distance medley)

Second-Team All-WAC (place - event )

Stephanie Burt (5th - mile)

Chari Hawkins (4th - 60m hurdles)

Aubrie Haymore (4th - 400m)

Katelyn Heiner (6th - long jump)

Spela Hus (4th - shot put)

Kim Quinn (4th - 3,000m / 4th - 5,000m)

Lindsey Spencer (5th - weight throw)

Rachelle St. Jeor (4th - pole vault)

Julia Stewart (4th - triple jump)

Mariah Thompson (6th - high jump)

Hannah Williams (6th - mile)


WAC Freshman of the Year: Nic Bowens First-Team All-WAC (place - event )

AJ Boully (2nd - 4x400m relay / 3rd - 60m hurdles)

Nic Bowens (2nd - 60m / 2nd - 200m / 2nd - 4x400m relay)

Joe Canavan (1st - shot put / 3rd - weight throw)

Aaron Clements (2nd - distance medley)

Eric Follett (2nd - high jump)

Bryce Hall (1st - weight throw / 2nd - shot put)

Kenny Hamlett (2nd - triple jump)

Daniel Howell (1st - 5,000m)

John Johnson (T-3rd - pole vault)

Devin Lang (2nd - mile / 2nd - distance medley)

Chio Lopez (1st - mile / 2nd - distance medley)

Tyler Killpack (2nd - 800m / 2nd - distance medley / 2nd - 4x400m relay)

Silas Pimentel (2nd - 4x400m relay / 3rd - 60m)

Philip Noble (2nd - heptathlon)

Damian Szade (2nd - long jump / 3rd - triple jump)

Second-Team All-WAC (place - event )

Nick Bolinder (5th - 3,000m / 6th - 5,000m)

Aaron Clements (5th - mile)

Jon Goble (4th - heptathlon / 5th - 60m hurdles / T-5th - high jump)

Kenny Hamlett (4th - high jump)

Travis Johnson (4th - triple jump)

Devin Lang (5th - 800m)

Xavier Martin (6th - 60m)

Brian McKenna (5th - 5,000m)

Kyle McKenna (4th - 3,000m / 4th - 5,000m)

Philip Noble (6th - pole vault)

Silas Pimentel (4th - 200m)

Reagan Ward (6th - triple jump)




FEBRUARY 25, 2012


1. Utah State 144

2. Idaho 110

3. New Mexico State 94

4. Louisiana Tech 89

5. Nevada 86

6. Fresno State 71

7. Hawaii 67


1. Idaho 217.5

2. Utah State 212.5

3. Louisiana Tech 77


60m - 7. Bailee Whitworth, 7.72

60m Hurdles - 4. Chari Hawkins, 8.80

200m - 2. Bailee Whitworth, 24.16

400m - 1. Katelyn Heiner, 55.08; 4. Aubrie Haymore, 55.61

800m - 3. Kylie Hirschi, 2:10.78

Mile - 5. Stephanie Burt, 5:01.77; 6. Hannah Williams, 5:02.41; 10. Jessie Chugg, 5:17.41

3,000m - 4. Kim Quinn, 9:58.69; 12. Hannah Williams, 10:23.92; 19. Stephanie Burt, 10:48.00; 21. Brittany Fisher, 10:52.01; 22. Brittany Bushman, 10:52.06; 24. Kaylee Campbell, 11:07.59

4x400m - 1. Utah State, 3:43.59 (Bailee Whitworth, Aubrie Haymore, Kylie Hirschi, Katelyn Heiner)

Triple Jump - 3. Sam Nielson, 12.03m (39-05.75); 4. Julia Stewart, 11.83m (38-09.75)

Shot Put - 4. Spela Hus, 14.68m (48-02.00); 9. Lindsey Spencer, 13.14m (43-01.50); 12. Keeley Eldredge, 12.57m (41-03.00)


60m - 2. Nic Bowens, 6.83m; 3. Silas Pimentel, 6.84; 6. Xavier Martin, 7.15

60m Hurdles - 3. AJ Boully, 8.16; 5. Jon Goble, 8.52; 7. Philip Noble, 8.72; 8. Jordan McMurray, 8.73

200m - 2. Nic Bowens, 21.56; 4. Silas Pimentel, 21.68; 8. AJ Boully, 23.48

400m - 2. AJ Boully, 47.89; 8. Garrett Peck, 51.07

800m - 2. Tyler Killpack, 1:53.24; 5. Devin Lang, 1:55.34

Mile - 1. Chio Lopez, 4:18.03; 2. Devin Lang, 4:18.37; 5. Aaron Clements, 4:20.35; 7. Eric Shellhorn, 4:23.27

3,000m - 1. Daniel Howell, 8:14.79; 4. Kyle McKenna, 8:32.64; 5. Nick Bolinder, 8:39.55; 7. Chris Martinez, 8:44.78; 8. Aaron Clements, 8:53.15; 9. Devin Lang, 8:55.25; 10. Austin Neuner, 8:55.93; 11. Chio Lopez, 9:00.49; 12. Eric Shellhorn, 9:00.96

4x400m - 3. Utah State, 3:17.56 (Silas Pimentel, Tyler Killpack, Nic Bowens, AJ Boully)

High Jump - 2. Eric Follett, J1.94m (6-04.25); 4. Kenny Hamlett, 1.89m (6-02.25); T-5. Jon Goble 1.79m (5-10.50); Philip Noble, NH

Triple Jump - 2. Kenny Hamlett, 14.42m (47-03.75); 3. Damian Szade, 14.16m (46-05.50); 4. Travis Johnson, 13.94m (45-09.00); 6. Reagan Ward, 13.68m (44-10.75)

Pole Vault - T-3. John Johnson, 4.75m (15-07.00); 6. Philip Noble, 4.45m (14-07.25); 7. Jon Goble, J4.45m (14-07.25); 8. Jason Allred, 4.30m (14-01.25)

Weight Throw - 1. Bryce Hall, 18.13m (59-05.75); 3. Joe Canavan 16.94m (55-07.00)

Doug Hoffman is the assistant athletic director for Utah State University Athletic Media Relations.