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"Ambush" is the third book in the Pillage series by Obert Skye.

"AMBUSH," by Obert Skye, Shadow Mountain, $17.99, 328 pages (f) (12 and up)

Fans of Obert Skye will not be disappointed by “Ambush,” the final book of the Pillage trilogy.

“Ambush” picks up where “Choke” left off. Beck, Kate and Wyatt have the last dragon stone and want to find a way to destroy it. But it proves indestructible.

Although Beck’s father is confined to a mental hospital, he convinces Beck that the only way to break the family curse is to plant the stone. Kate and Beck discover a secret elevator that descends to an underground crystal cave — the perfect place to grow the dragon stone.

As the stone hatches, Beck discovers it contains a three-for-one deal — a dragon king and his two evil bodyguards. And to make matters worse, Beck feels a strong emotional and mental connection to the dragon king.

Before the adventure is over, Beck is ambushed by some armed plants — and an unexpected foe. Will he have the courage to destroy the dragons and rid his family of the curse? The ending changes not only Beck’s life, but the entire town of Kingsplot.

Skye has a sure talent for writing from the perspective of a 15-year-old guy — and he does it with sometimes subtle, but always appropriate humor.

Beck is essentially a good guy, but has an attitude and a smart mouth to go with it. However, he has the grace to acknowledge his faults — and he keeps trying to do the right thing in spite of the challenges he faces.

A page from the “Grim Knot,” a diary full of dragon lore and family history written by Beck’s Pillage ancestors, illustrates each short chapter. Through these pages Pillage history is revealed a piece at a time. And from it, Beck learns how to deal with the dragons.

The trilogy could be seen as a reverse Cinderella tale: Beck is the prince who needs a Princess Charming to come to his “rescue.” And beautiful, redheaded Kate fits the part perfectly. There’s even a formal ball, with an unlikely twist that ends the tale.

The book’s 5-by-7-inch size make it handy to carry or tuck in a backpack; the print is double-spaced and easy to read. There is really nothing not to like about this well-spun dragon adventure.

Skye is also known for his “Leven Thump” series and his website is www.abituneven.com.


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