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"Of Grace and Chocolate" is a book by Krista Lynne Jensen.

"OF GRACE AND CHOCOLATE," by Krista Lynne Jensen, Covenant Communications, $13.79, 194 pages (f)

Jillian seems to have a perfect life: her own apartment, a great job and a love of good chocolate. Things aren't always exactly as they seem, and Jillian's ordered life is really a cover for a deeply troubled past.

Raised by an alcoholic mother and a passive father, Jillian and her younger sister, Evie, did not have a picture-perfect childhood. Often Jillian was left to care for her sister at an age when she should have been looked after herself. Her father was loving, but too in love with his wife to admit the problem. Although his daughters love him, their past has put a strain on their relationship.

Jillian hasn't heard from Evie in a long time. When she shows up at her door disturbing the peace and order she's worked so hard to construct, Evie is no longer alone. Evie needs Jillian's help to protect her baby girl from her long-time boyfriend. Soon Jillian finds herself caring for a baby, running from a drug dealer looking for revenge and learning to trust the one man she thought she could never trust again.

With grace they can be made whole through this grueling process. And a little chocolate never hurt anyone.

This fast-paced story will bring your emotions to the surface as you watch a young mother struggle to right her wrongs, and a new aunt work to keep her niece safe while learn to trust and love again. Though the ending isn't a total surprise, there are unexpected twists and turns that will keep you interested and excited to read more. Overall, "Of Grace and Chocolate" is a very charming and heartwarming story.

Krista Lynne Jensen loves writing and chocolate. She is a mother and an author. "Of Grace and Chocoate" is Krista's first novel with Covenant Communications. She has two other novels in contract with Covenant at this time.

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